RAID 5 Logical Drive Recovery

Tool to Recover RAID 5 Logical Drive Data

Have you lost your crucial data from RAID 5 logical drive after formatting a partition on it? Now thinking how to restore back the lost data from this drive on your own? If this is the actual scenario then you need not have to worry about your lost data. It is quite an easy task to perform RAID 5 logical drive recovery. To safely recover back your entire RAID 5 partition data you just have to depend upon RAID recovery tool.

It will help you get back all your files and folders which are lost after formatting a RAID 5 drive partition within a very short time span. If you have come across certain situations where you were forced to format your RAID 5 partition then it is obvious that you must have lost different files and folders of large number. This is certainly a very unfortunate thing. But in such situations this application works with perfection. That is why this software is recommended by many industry experts. If you are the one who has lost vital data from a Windows RAID 5 partition due to accidental or intentional formatting then this tool is for you. In case you want to know how to recover data from a Windows RAID partition then you just have to visit

It is not always because of formatting that we lose important data from our RAID 5 partition. We also end up losing data when we delete a partition on this RAID 5 array with or without any intention. Deletion is one more commonly observed cause for losing data from RAID 5 partition. Mostly deletion happens accidentally under some strange scenarios. It is observed many times that while carrying out RAID 5 drive partitioning or repartitioning Windows users end up deleting a very important partition on their RAID 5 HDD. Such deletion happens accidentally due to which a huge amount of files and folders get washed off within no time. But even in this condition you need not have to be tensed. Here is the definite solution for this particular problem. By using this RAID hard drive recovery software you can definitely recover back deleted RAID 5 partition data.

Sometimes when the RAID 5 head crashes the data on it becomes unreadable. This is one among the various problematic situations which can be quickly overcome with the aid of RAID recovery tool. This software can be downloaded and run on different Windows computers such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, server and Windows Vista. It will definitely help you out to carry out RAID 5 partition recovery after file system corruption, MBR corruption and virus attack. Not only will it recover data from RAID 5 partition but it will also recover data from corrupted RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 6 partition.

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Steps to perform RAID 5 logical drive recovery:

Step 1: Install RAID Recovery Tool on your computer and launch it's Main Window to recover RAID 5 logical drive as shown in Figure A.

RAID 5 Logical Drive Recovery - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: Select RAID 5 drive from the list of logical drives as shown in Figure B. Now click on next option to start scanning operation.

Recover RAID 5 Logical Drive - Choose RAID 5 Drive

Figure B: Choose RAID 5 Drive

Step 3: After the scanning is completed, a list of restored files will be displayed as shown in Figure C.

Retrieve RAID 5 Logical Drive - Retrieved Files List

Figure C: Recovered Files List

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