Improve Raid 5 Performance

How to Increase Raid 5 Performance Easily?

RAID level 5 is extensively used because of its high fault tolerance and ability to store huge amount of data across the drives. But, the read/write speed and the overall performance of a hard disk is not stable for ever, it get degraded slowly and steadily. There are lots of issues responsible for degradation of RAID drive performance. Most of the people get worried when the performance of RAID drive is decreased severely. In this age of advanced technology, you can improve RAID 5 performance easily with the help of appropriate and efficient utility. In such case, majority of experts recommends Remo MORE software to fix those issues related to slow RAID disk. this application is especially developed to diagnose and also fix most of the issues so increasing the hard disk performance.

Performance of hard disk or any other storage device severely decreases when it is almost full. If your RAID disk contains thousands of files of large amount, it will take more time to access any information on it. If the RAID 5 disk is cluttered with enormous amount of junk files, broken shortcuts, duplicate files etc, speed of the disk will be diminished considerably. If you maintain some memory space free by cleaning those useless data from the disk, you can obtain better performance of the disk easily. To get required speed in accessing information on disk, you should keep 10% of total disk space free always.

RAID 5 disks may also be slow down if the registry file is spoiled by different unnecessary entries. If you install so many applications on hard disk, which has no significant use it will slow down the disk performance largely. Sometimes, when you uninstall any program from computer hard disk, it may not be removed from the registry file completely. After long time of use, the RAID disk will be slowed down drastically. After that, it will take more time to access any information or to transfer data on it. You can improve RAID 5 performance in those situations effortlessly employing this Remo MORE application.

Apart from all that, performance of the RAID disk may decrease due to fragmentation on it. After several read and write operation, the disk drive may get fragmented severely and it results to degradation of overall performance of the hard disk. If files are stored in discontinuous location on the disk, you will need more time to read those files. But, after defragmentation, you can regain its speed significantly. This Remo MORE software is the best tool to defrag RAID disk easily and improve RAID 5 performance also. This application is compatible with different operating system and designed with simple user interface. Besides RAID, if you want to speed up any other hard disks, you can utilize this application for better outcome.

Seps to use Improve Raid 5 Performance:

Step 1: Download demo version of this application and install on your computer. After launching it, visit "Manage" tab and select "Drive Defrag" from main screen as shown in fig 1.

Improve Raid 5 Performance - Welcome Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select the defragmentation type among the two options as shown below.

Recover RAID 5 Drive - Select Defrag Option

Fig 2: Select Defrag Option

Step 3: After analyzing the RAID drive, this tool will defrag the disk and improve its performance instantly.

Raid 5 Recovery Software - Drive Defragmentation

Fig 3: Drive Defragmentation

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