Recover Data from Formatted RAID Drive

Best solution to restore formatted RAID drive data!

Using RAID technology one can enhance performance of the hard drive amazingly. When you go with redundant array of independent hard drive partitions, managing data becomes too easy over hard drive. Combining all drive partitions into a single unit gives a rise to a better fault tolerance and an increased performance even if a single drive gets fail, it would not affect overall efficiency of the system. Although, RAID storage technology offers protection against data loss but not completely, sometimes users may experience data loss after the RAID drive is formatted. If there were very important data saved on RAID drive, you will not like to compromise. In such stage, you can make use of the best RAID recovery tool to recover data from RAID drive.
Circumstances where user could format RAID drive and then need tool to recover data from formatted RAID drive are:

  • Users can manage to format RAID drive partition while performing various disk operations like re-partitioning, re-sizing or when re-installing OS.
  • Once can format RAID drive intentionally after the drive is severely corrupted.
  • To free up RAID drive from junk data, user can proceed to format RAID drive partition.
  • Due to MBR corruption or partition table corruption, it becomes necessary to format RAID drive.
  • Virus corruption or formation of bad sectors could also be reasons for formatting RAID partitions.

A complete solution to recover data from formatted RAID drive!

Definitely, situation goes worst when you are running into data loss crisis without having proper backup of important files or documents but it’s not an end and there is a great possibility to perform formatted RAID drive recovery. Once you employ a proficient RAID drive recovery tool it takes only couple of minutes to retrieve entire data from formatted RAID partition or drive. Recovering data with the help of RAID hard drive recovery software is always the easiest and safe practice. Also data recovery experts and industry professionals consider it a reliable way to deal with data loss calamity after accidental format, deletion, RAID partition error and other uncertainties. Software comes with some advanced data recovery features that make it an extraordinary tool to achieve perfect data recovery. Some most stunning features of this app are:

  • Comes with built in drive scanning technology to perform automated scanning of RAID drives
  • Recovers data from formatted, re-formatted, lost, deleted, damaged, corrupted or inaccessible RAID hard disk partitions. Make a click on to get complete guidance to perform damaged RAID drive recovery.
  • Supports data recovery from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 hard drive partitions.
  • Retrieves videos, audios, pictures, documents, application files, presentations and kinds of files from formatted RAID partitions.
  • Perfect tool to restore data from computer hard disk, external HDD, USB drive, flash memory cards and other storage devices.
  • Highly compatible utility to recover data from formatted RAID drive on all preferred Mac OS X and Windows computers. Click on and know how to restore RAID drive on Windows.
  • Rich graphical user interface with snapshots to help professional and novice users to achieve easy and secure data recovery.

Seps to restore formatted RAID drive

Step 1: Install the software on system and launch it's main window to recover formatted RAID drive as shown in figure A.

Recover Data from Formatted RAID Drive - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: Select RAID drive among different drives as shown in figure B. Now click on next option to start scanning.

Restore Data from Formatted RAID Drive - Select RAID Drive

Figure B: Select RAID Drive

Step 3: After the scanning is completed, a list of restored files will be displayed as shown in figure C.

Formatted RAID Drive Data Recovery - Retrieved File List

Figure C: Retrieved File List

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