RAID Data Recovery Tool

Simple Tool to Retrieve Data from RAID Partition

The Redundant Array Independent Disks offers simplest way to store same or different files on various hard disk partitions. Since data stored on RAID partitions gets equally distributed on hard drive in different RAID levels, losing data from such RAID partitions is really unbearable. When data loss from RAID partitions occurs, the most common doubt arises in everyone mind would be how to overcome this crisis and how to restore data from such RAID drives? However, all your worries will go away if you do have a proper backup from RAID partition. If you don’t have a suitable backup and thinking of how to perform RAID data recovery, then here is the best solution available for you? RAID Recovery Tool is the best software available in the world which effectively will easily get back RAID partition data in few simple mouse clicks.

Partitioning of computer hard drive has been done in order store data in a customized manner and to increase the performance of your system. Since RAID array enhances system performance after formatting of hard drive, most of the computer users prefer RAID arrays while partitioning their hard drive. However, sometimes while partitioning with RAID array, if you accidentally deleted any RAID partition then all data resides in that drive will instantly go away. In that time, you need to use a good recovery tool to perform RAID data recovery before overwriting the partition. Though there are several tools available for RAID data recovery, but when it comes to restore data from RAID partitions, recover RAID is the best tool available in the market.

Following are the few common circumstances where data from RAID partition gets lost or deleted.

  • Improper partitioning of hard disk may cause several disk related errors and sometimes which leads to data inaccessibility and results in loss of data from RAID partitions.
  • Any error encountered while converting RAID to any other version or vice versa can corrupt a complete RAID partition which eventually results in loss of valuable data from RAID partitions.
  • Incorrect formatting, virus infection, file system corruption, defrag failure, reinstallation of operating system may also result in loss of data from RAID partitions.

To avoid this kind of loss of data from RAID partitions, it is always recommended to maintain a suitable backup of all your essential data from RAID partitions. If you have not maintained any suitable backup then you need to use RAID Recovery Tool to restore data from RAID partitions. This tool has an inbuilt searching algorithm which scans the entire drive at one go and restores data with the help of unique file signatures. If you want more help in RAID file recovery, use this link:

In addition to RAID partition data recovery, you can use this software to recover data from various storage drives like external hard disks, iPods, memory cards, flash drives, USB hard disks, FireWire drives etc. It can also restore RAID 5 and all other RAID partition versions. Moreover, it can be used to recover RAID partition from Windows 7 and all other versions of Windows computers.

Simple steps of RAID data recovery:

Step 1: First you need to download RAID Recovery Tool and install it on computer then launch this software and click on "Recover Drives" as shown in figure I.

RAID Data Recovery - Home Screen

Figure I: Home Screen

Step 2: Choose RAID partition from the list of logical drives as shown in figure II.

Recover Files from RAID Partition - Choose RAID Partition

Figure II: Choose RAID Partition

Step 3: The list of retrieved data will be as shown in figure III.

Recover Files from Raid Drive - List of Retrieved Data

Figure III: List of Retrieved Data

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